List of Expenses To Start A Pizzeria

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Mind blowing revenue generated by pizza sales may have tapped the businessman in you. If yes, you sure know you are not the only one to be so triggered. However, competition does not minimize your chances at succeeding as just as pizzeria is growing in numbers so is pizza eating population. Are you already looking for a location? Then it is best to know the expenses to expect to start a pizzeria.


Yes, you started right. This is the right place to start. Pizza sales have reached new heights thanks to the way it is made and sold. Pizza is not for just who visit the pizzeria. It is home delivered too but that does not mean your location matters less. Opening a pizzeria in clinton NJ in a busy location will cost you more. But the benefits will be equally greater. Hence, be prepared for a higher rental deposit and rent unless you own the place.


Equipment for pizzeria is not as long as it would be for a restaurant. To buy all that is required including oven, pizza hood, dough roller, prep table, pizza pans, freezers you may need around $25,000. Purchasing used equipment can reduce the expenses.


Pizza has taken various forms in US. It is not just a fast food but family food and social food as well. Hence, your interior should have a blend of everything. Since customers love to have pizza delivered at home, you need to take additional measures to draw them in. Give them the comfort and the perfect ambience. Create a theme that goes with the type of pizza you specialize at.



The requirement of number of staff depends on the type of service you offer. If it is a dine-in, you need more staff to attend to your customers and carry out their orders. If it is a delivery service you may need some delivery persons but you can manage with minimum staff at your pizzeria.


A newly started or about to start pizzeria needs heavy advertising as the competition is intense. Create a website for your pizzeria. Fill it with tempting pictures of pizza that you offer along with your menu. Add a blog to your website and keep it updated with the latest happenings at your pizzeria. Give out discount coupons. You can also promote your brand by advertising in the

Maintaining a website is not expensive but advertising in newspapers can be costly. But newspaper ads are essential to draw customers to your website.

Other Expenses

Other important expenses include:

The Launch Day

The most important and the first day of your pizzeria is a day of hope and a day on which a firm commitment to hard working is re-made and a day on which you give freebies to attract customers. The expenses on the day of launch can also be considered an investment as by spending the money for giving free offers to your customers you earn their support and trust. Have a plan on how you intend the day to be celebrated and draw a budget for the same.

As you well know, this is not all. Once you do some maths and arrive at a sum, make sure you add some more funds to it to keep as reserve.